We Provide Professional Financial Services

Our efforts are backed up by highly motivated professionals with years of experience in both the banking sector and financial service arms, and our consistent performance has enabled our clients portfolio expand from residential property buyers and investors to commercial and business banking clientele.


We always build our business model with the ever-evolving technological developments and the innovations that make our lifestyles more amiable. In fact, we never undermine such advantages to maximise the future possibilities for our clients and our team.


We are honoured to be given the opportunity to form a partnership with our clients for one of their life-changing decisions when taking out our services and we cherish such profoundly as we take our services as the contract of faith, based on trust and in the belief that we have made the best possible research for our clients according to their personal needs.


We are pleased to be efficient and thus making we stand out from the rest of the troop in the same sector. This has enabled us to utilise our resources solely on the choices that will benefit our clients, provide our exceptional services and streamline the unnecessary red tapes for them whilst honouring the fundamental principles.


At HW Finance, we believe in thinking “out of the box” and we are not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom in our approach to investing and preserving wealth. All of our hard-earned knowledge, experience, industry know-how, stakeholder fluctuations, commitment, and efforts are focused only upon you, the client, and your satisfaction.



We provide the options and knowledge to our clients to equip them with the latest financial developments in the market which in turn allow them to make the informed decisions.

Professional Financial Service


Our wide range of services ensures that we’ve got you covered.

Property Investment Coaching

As the industry-leader in this aspect, HW Finance experts are in the full capacity to guide you through your own property investment journeys and avoid the ups and downs to the maximum. A good property coaching expert can see the details that might have been overlooked by our clients whilst sharing their expertise and providing a sound solution for your plans ahead and assisting you in reaching an informed decision when settling into the next phase of your property ladder.

Portfolio Diversification Consultancy

This is the process that most of our clients hope to have had earlier as the collection of one type of assets is limited and inclined to be exposed to the volatility of the domestic and unforeseeable moves in the market. We are here to offer our expertise to balance the risks and thus achieving the well-deserved reward to our customers via a diversified investment portfolio through the diversification of your assets.

Property Development Feasibility Study

In the initial brainstorming, we all wish to determine the likelihood of securing the desired profits for all stakeholders. At HW Finance, we are equipped with the experience and banking knowledge that will enable our clients to see the picture for their development projects and the profits derived from such efforts. This involves but not limited to finding the certain level of profits, the balancing of indispensable risks and their counterparts in due course let alone the due diligence that needs to be completed.


We got the solution for your financial problems and worries.

Personal Loans

We have a range of personal loan options either secured or unsecured according to your needs and requirements. In fact, HW Finance is known for its speciality in providing the options for personal loans for a number of reasons; and we have a proven record for clients’ satisfaction in achieving their goals either long-term or the foreseeable future.

In addition, we offer obligation-free credit review and counselling consultation and advice as our licenced associates are able to provide an independent opinion upon your credit history and thus moving forward to assisting our clients to unlock their potentials in terms of yields and scores.

​Enabling our clients achieving their goals to meet their commitment is more than a loan itself but a contract of trust to us and this is what matters to us.

Self-Managed Fund​

The use of a self-managed super fund (SMSF) to purchase property is becoming increasingly popular. If you set up a SMSF, you are in charge in which you make the investment decisions for the fund and you are held responsible for complying with the super and tax laws. It is a major financial decision and you need to have the time and skills to do it.

We are here to assist you to leverage your needs in the long-run and finding the best solution and loan options if you want to turn your Super into brick and mortar thanks to the very strict borrowing conditions.

At HW Finance we are equipped with knowledge to interpret and we understand the complexities of these highly specialised SMSF loans, we can find the best one to suit your needs and investment strategies alike.

Debt Consolidation

We understand the challenges families face today.

At HW Finance, we are confident that we will find you the most appropriate solution to rolling all of your existing debits, such as credit cards, personal loans, car loans, ATO debt and etc into one personalised loan option with guaranteed competitive interest rates in the market with the minimised fees. What it really means by consolidating your loans is literally empowering yourself to take control of your debts and entrusting yourself the clear view of your manageable repayment.

Property Investors

Before embarking on the conversation of expanding the property portfolio, we wish to know and understand your needs, wants, and long-term and short-term goals. By doing so, we will look at the existing and potential opportunities to unleash that might help you develop, implement, and monitor a strategy matched with your personal situations.

​Having these factors in mind, and we will be in the capacity to pinpoint a loan that reflects what you want now and also allowing the opportunities to be capitalised in the future when the market makes it turns either way. By doing so, we will provide tailored services with the usual concerns in mind, such as sustainability and flexibility which will act to our needs and also the options of interest only or principal and interest; we will also find the most suitable option according to your investment needs and in turn providing the peace of mind.

First Home Buyer

With the knowledge and in-depth understanding of the different loan options, we are capable to identify the most appropriate home loan for our clients and advise them on the impact that will reflect on the quality of their home ownership and their lifestyles.


One of the day-to-day explanations for refinancing need is that the majority of your home loan payments go towards interest rather than paying off your debt with a daunting term of 25 years or even longer.

At HW Finance, we fully understand the process of finding a more suitable loan option in line with the current loan market moves thus yielding a better option for our clients’ existing but stale home loan. We are equipped with the expertise and hands-on industry knowledge to handpick the most competitive loan for you as all of our team members have the experience in the onshore banking sectors either in the B2B or home loan arms.



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